Monday, November 1, 2010

Puppy Love and Broken Hearts


Please pray for my oldest son today, if you have a few moments. You may have noticed that he got a new puppy, which he named Copper, a two weeks ago. In the past fourteen days, he feel very much in love with his precious new puppy friend. They were inseparable, sharing walks outside, enjoying couch time watching football, relaxing contentedly during computer time, romping happily in the yard, and playing with my children (and everybody else). Copper was the PERFECT farrier dog wanna-be, always staying close by Bubba's side, and friend to all.

Unfortunately, this last week, Copper became gravely ill, and Bubba took him to the vet several times, then to the Emergency Vet on Friday, only to find that his kidneys were involved, and for some unknown reason, shutting down. The vets did all they could over the weekend, treating him for suspected leptospirosis, even though the bloodwork had not confirmed that yet (though all the symptoms did), for severe dehydration, and for hypothermia. Copper showed some improvement once put on fluids and a heating pad, but would not eat due to nausea and vomiting, and the medicines they had him on did not appear to be helping at all.

Sadly, I woke up this morning to a phone call from Bubba (he lives with his grandparents one town away), saying that the vet called and felt that there was no hope for sweet Copper, and that Bubba should go to the office as soon as possible and say his goodbyes. It was a difficult position for him to be in, feeling that surely a puppy could get better from anything, after all he is so young and their time together has been so short, but also knowing the pain Copper was in and the truth that without kidney function improvement (there was none), the puppy would never get better. So with much regret and sorrow, he and my folks went to the clinic to hug the most amazing puppy Bubba ever met one last time and to tell him goodbye.

I am crying as I write this because I feel my son has lost a dear, dear friend and the promise of many happy memories together over many years. But the truth is that nothing is promised to us, and we need to cherish ever moment we are given because each one could be our last, or our friend or loved-one's last. I know Bubba feels that he gave his all to his dog for the two short weeks he had him...he appreciated every lick and wiggle and cuddle that puppy gave, and will have the memory of that dog's unconditional love for him to carry in his heart forever. He may have to do without his company here, but he can remember him and share what he has cherish every moment you are given...with others.

For the rest of us, I hope we will all hug our loved ones a little closer, a bit more often today, and make sure you tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Most of all, I hope and pray you will tell them about their Heavenly Father's love for all of us, so that should something happen and you never see them again on this earth, you will know that they knew of God's unconditional love for them and accepted His gift of eternal life by asking Jesus to be the Lord of their life.

I like to think that Copper is waiting for my son up in the mansion that the Lord has prepared for him in Heaven. I think he is standing alongside Bubba's childhood canine friend, Gabby, wagging his tail eagerly, looking up towards the horizon with his huge, beautiful puppy eyes, awaiting that day when Bubba will enter the gates of Heaven to receive his gift of eternal life (hopefully, that will be a long time from today). I know not all people believe that pets will be in Heaven, but I don't know, and it makes me feel better to imagine it that way, so please bear with me today, and please, say a prayer for my son. His heart is broken.

Copper, thank you for bringing such precious, unconditional love into Bubba's life, even for such a short time. You were loved. You still are.

Thank you for your prayers, friends. Any comments you leave in condolence will be shared with my son.



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Kelly said...

We will be praying for you through this tough time that the Lord will comfort you. Know that He is the only one who knows the plans for our lives and why things happen. But also know that all thing are for His glory. I thank you for this post and for helping us to remember to those we often forget - the ones whom are the closest to us.

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