Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gratitude Challenge---Day Four---Simple Pleasures

Today I am thankful for the simple pleasures in life. The simple pleasure that made me think of this was the one of watching my PARENTS play "keep the balloon from touching the ground" with me and the Four Amigos at Ladybug's birthday party today.

As a general rule, we keep birthdays fairly simple around here. Traditionally, we let the birthday girl or boy choose their favorite breakfast and dinner, put up simple decorations, enjoy cupcakes and a movie, play games, take a day off from school, and open a few gifts (then play with them). Sometimes, we wrap a special event into a birthday, such as a trip to a museum, or invite a friend over to play, but not this time.

This time we did all the things I listed above, though, and Ladybug LOVED it. She was very appreciative of being the "special Princess" of the day and excited that her Nanny and Poppy came over at lunchtime to share the rest of the day with us. One of the fun things we did to decorate was to blow up about twenty-five balloons and a half-dozen of those large balloons with the rubber bands on them to "boing" (okay, I really don't know what to call them, but you know what I mean) and toss them all in one room. Then we turned the little kids loose in that room and watched them have fun. It is impressive how much pleasure small children can derive from playing with air-filled sheets of colored plastic! And it is a joy to watch. It is even more fun to join in, and even MORE fun to watch your parents play "keep the balloon off the floor" for a good fifteen minutes. It is a memory I will smile about for a long time.

Other simple pleasures include:

1. A hot cup of Earl Grey tea (Lady Grey is a close second)
2. A good book
3. A soft, warm fuzzy blanket
4. A blooming rosebush (my favorite blooms come from my Abraham Darby bush)
5. A starry night
6. a porch swing
7. soothing classical music
8. chocolate ice cream, chocolate fudge, chocolate bars, etc.
9. my favorite "lip stuff" (Blistex Lip Medex)
10. Vanilla Bean Noel cream from Bath & Body Works
11. my childrens' laughter
12. a hug given or received
13. a phone call or card from a friend
14. sewing old quilts
15. rocking a baby

These are just a few of my favorites...the things that bring a smile to my face.

What are your simple pleasures? Whatever they are, I hope your day has been filled with them.



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Jerralea said...

I so agree with you about being thankful for simple pleasures. They make life so meaningful!

I'm glad your kids' Nanny and Poppy played with the kids and the balloons too. Kids love that kind of stuff - they will remember them joining in for a long time.

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