Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Workday or Funday...Which is it?

The skies are blue and it is warmer here today.
It makes us all want to spend some time outside.

Whatever shall we do? Work or play?
Maybe a little bit of both.

Where is everybody?
This farm looks deserted.

Just one lonely chicken in the henhouse,
faithfully (stubbornly) sitting on the eggs.
(Can you see her back there inside on her nest?)

All the other chickens made a hasty get-away hours ago...
warmer weather means more bugs to munch on. YUM!
(That's a turken...she's supposed to have a bald neck).

Cowboy is getting a workout giving
Bella a workout playing Slobber Ball. (Eeyew!)

Tex takes Lily out for a bit of grooming and grazing.

Jake wants to know why it isn't his turn yet.
Ladies first!

Firefly does a little bit of monitored babysitting...
It's good to be a big sister and to be able to make someone
small so utterly happy. Look at Boo's sweet smile!

Uh oh, now who's going to push?

Horses put away, Tex gets to work on building up muscle,
chopping out a few old stumps.
Who needs P90X when you have a farm to work on?

I helped chop, too, but the picture of me is so bad, I refuse to put it up here.
You'll just have to take my word for it that I did more than just take pictures.;-)

Cowboy helps Tex put wood on the burn pile,
dreaming of the marshmallows we can toast some other night...sorry buddy.
Ladybug works to fill the wooden swing set base with rocks from
our rockpile, so we can pour sand on top and have
a real sandbox (instead of just digging holes in the yard).

Cowboy loads up his truck again with rocks.
Who knew work could be so much fun?

Finally finished, the sand is poured and construction of a roadway begins.
All ages welcome.

We did it...together!

This must be why they say,
"Many hands make light work."

Just in case you didn't notice, that's
irrepressible Bella in the background asking Boo...
"Do YOU want to play Slobber Ball with me? Please?"

Sorry Bella. Give him a year or two and I am sure he'll be glad to.
Right now he's too busy enjoying squishing the sand
in between his toes.

Later, Ladybug and Cowboy take a break,
while Bella watches and waits...again.

More Slobber Ball, anyone? Anyone? PLEASE?
(Seriously, you can see her's right there).

One last picture for mom. They just look so cute!

Isn't it great when brothers and sisters can be best friends?
And when kids can still see the fun in a good day's work?
I hope those things never change.

That was a fun workday. 

We are so blessed to live in the country,
where both work and fun are plentiful.

And blessed to have each other,
to share in the fun and the work.

Blessings to you on this beautiful day,



Lorus! said...

I love a good work/fun day! It has been a beautiful week here too - we just cannot stay inside!

i cant decide said...

What a great day you had together! We worked in our garden this weekend also.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing about the work day/ fun day.

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