Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge---Day Ten---The Bookmobile

Today I am very grateful that out house is a bookmobile stop. On the first and third Wednesdays of each month, the bookmobile comes to our house for an hour and my children (and our friends' children) get the pleasure of looking for new books, playing with the basket of storybook character stuffed animals, and visiting with Mr. Mike, our wonderful bookmobile librarian. Sometimes, Mr. Mike or I will sit the kids down and read them a few stories (or Nanny, when she is here, and even once, Daddy, when he had a day off!) for an informal story time.

Tex likes to get on the computer a few days ahead of time and request books to be sent to him via the bookmobile. His friends do, too. My friend, Lady L., brings her family as often as she can make it for lunch, the bookmobile visit, and play time for the kids. They particularly like the opportunity the bookmobile affords their family to avail themselves of library materials they previously had little access to as one of their children is autistic and that limited their ability to use the library as a family. Now they are able to request what they really want to be sent on the bookmobile, and have even coaxed J. to go on board a time or two, which is a big step for him. Mr. Mike is a great librarian and has special training in dealing with autistic kids, so he appreciates the complexities of the situation. My neighbor, who has a son who is housebound, used to order ausio-visual materials as well, though she hasn't gotten around to it lately...but she knows the option is there, and for that I am sure she is grateful.

Bookmobiles are a wonderful thing, taking books to underserved and underprivileged areas...and rural homeschooling ones, like ours! If your local library has a bookmobile and you can get a few families to agree to join up with you (or you have a large family), maybe you can talk them into making your house a bookmobile stop, too. It has definitely been a great experience for us, and we are very thankful to those who made it and continue to make it possible. We are especially grateful for Mr. Mike, the absolute best Bookmobile librarian ever, for his patience and kindness to us all...especially the kids.

Here is a link to my previous post about the bookmark contest my kids won by making bookmarks about our bookmobile visits.

Here are some pictures of today's visit to the bookmobile:



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