Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gratitude Challenge---Day Fourteen---Technology


Today I am thankful for Technology. Sometimes, I will admit that it seems as if technology is this insidious creature trying to take over our lives…For example, think about the times you just sit down to dinner, only to have the phone ring, or the times you are trying to do something fun with the family and as though it seems your husband’s cell phone won’t stop ringing. Then there are the times when your kids clamor to watch a movie…again…in spite of the fact that the temperature outside is ideal and you just want them to go out and play. Or the times when it seems your teenager doesn’t want to unplug from conquering the (virtual) world long enough to play a REAL board game with the family. There are also the times that it seems technology is out to get you. The times when your computer or wifi connections crash, just when you need them to work so you can post a review or order a birthday gift...

But don’t forget all the times you have been blessed by technology. What would you have done the last time the car stalled (or ran out of gas) on a lonely country road without a cell phone to call the auto service? Remember how Facebook helped you reconnect with a childhood friend, or lonely relative? Don’t forget the fun times you’ve had on family pizza and a movie night, watching movies that blessed you, after a busy day of work. And then there is that online class your teen is taking, and the one you might take to work on your graduate degree…there are also all of those AWESOME free online educational materials archived at places like homeschool-for-free (a shameless plug for my website!). What would you do without them during those lean times in your home educating journey when you weren’t sure you could afford a math curriculum?

Then there are the blogs you follow, just to keep in touch, and the discussion boards you post on that keep you sane. I know you must also love the online access to some of your favorite magazines and newspapers, and the access to free educational video clips on sites like YouTube, not to mention the free music you find there, and on sites like Pandora. Or for those times when you do want to watch a TV show you used to like, but you got rid of your cable, so you turn to, where you can watch it for free! And you gotta love Netflix, because they have great educational content and old movies, too. Research has never been easier, thanks to the internet, and it often seems as if a gateway to the world is at our fingertips. Most of all, you can’t forget the blessings of email. Keeping in touch with friends and family has never been easier!

As for me, I also love the thrill of discovering something new almost every day. My son keeps telling me to try Google Chrome. He says it is awesome. I will have to do that one day soon, For now, I have an acquaintance who recommended using Windows Live Writer, so that is what I decided to try today (since I needed to post anyway).

I hear there are fun fonts on Windows Live Writer, plus it edits for you, so here is me, trying it out. How does it look? Which font do you like best? Hey, I think this is pretty cool!

june2010 009

Ooooh, I really think I like this! How come I didn’t try this before? Silly me! I love trying out new things. I am very thankful today for technology. I love the convenience of my laptop and am fascinated with all of the interesting educational opportunities available on the internet. Especially the free ones. Between memes, blogs, and testing new products, our school year has been keeping us very busy and always filled with new things. Fun things like this.

Wow, this Windows Live Writer product is great!

I think I am hooked!!




Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing the link to your other site. I'm thankful for free stuff! :)

Stacie said...

Ditto what Jennifer said! This was a fun post though with the different font types.

Catherine said...

I love my virtual friends, my old friends who are back in my life because of the internet, and the constant contact with my extended family. Technology is a gift, indeed! I loved your new fonts, and, Oh! Thanks for the link!

Vickie said...

I may have to try this program out. I'm sure not liking the same "type" lettering when I write on my blog.

SisterTipster said...

Loved your family pic and your funny post! Loving techno too! hugs and Have a wonderful night!!

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