Friday, November 26, 2010

Big Boy Bunk Beds

Since Bubba moved out a while back, Tex has been enjoying the benefits of having a room to himself.

 However, the time has come for Cowboy to move out of the upstairs room he was sharing with the girls, and into the "boys' room" downstairs.

Drawbacks: Not sharing your room with the other amigos,
having to move downstairs away from Mommy (a bit scary).
Benefits: Bunkbeds, space stickers on your wall

At first, I think the drawbacks outweighed the benefits, but as soon as we pointed out all the many things bunkbeds are good for, such as making tents, playing ship, and having sleepovers, he was sold.

Here are a few pictures of Cowboy's big day.
You're a big boy now, sweet one. Congratulations!
We sure do love you...and so far, Tex is happy with his roomie.
He doesn't take up much space yet, after all.
Though his stuffed animals seem to be multiplying...

A test run in the bunk beds...

Not too big and scary...more room for the animals!

I think I like it!

The first official sleepover...interrupted by Cowboy falling asleep.

For safety conscious Mamas (like me), know that we did add the appropriate railings for the beds the next day. Hubby just had to...wait for it...go to Lowe's to get a new drill bit. Does that happen at your house, too? You know they know his name over there...I wonder if they offer frequent shopper points? LOL.



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