Monday, November 8, 2010

Gratitude Challenge---Day Eight---Good Dental Care

Today I am grateful for the quality dental care we are privileged to receive in this country as a general rule, and especially for our family because we are military and are covered by the military's dental insurance policy. Every six months myself and my children are able to go visit our wonderful, friendly dentist and dental techs for cleanings and check ups (and the highly important treat bags!). I know that in some parts of the world, dental care is a rarity, and when it becomes highly necessary, it can be primitive. Even in our own country, there are those who cannot afford consistent dental care, and as a result, must suffer with regular pain and problems with their teeth. As one whose recurring nightmare involves all of her teeth falling out at once, I am VERY grateful for the opportunity and blessing of being able to keep my smile healthy and happy. I am so glad my children are able to grow up liking their visits to the dentist the way I did, and I pray that they will always be able to recieve timely preventitive dental and medical care.

What things to do we often take for granted that you are grateful for today?

Blessings to you...may your day be filled with beautiful (and healthy) smiles!


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