Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nature Study Tuesday---The Enormous Egg

I feel sorry for the chicken who laid this egg.

The hens had pecked the innards out by the time Tex found it.
We are saving the shell and adding it to our nature collection.

Here are some more eggs, so you can see how big that monster really was.

The one on the far right is fairly small.
The center ones are what you'd buy in the store for large or even extra large.
The one next to the biggie on the left was super large and a double yolker.
 I wonder if the enormous egg was a triple yolker. 
Can chickens produce those?

Tex likes to imagine that the huge one hatched a Fire Dragon
(from Anne McCaffrey's Pern series),
and that maybe one of these days we will see it flying around outside somewhere...
Cowboy, Ladybug, and Firefly all imagine it hatched a baby dinosaur.

I'm just a realist who is in awe of the chicken.

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Our Peculiar Lives said...

no kidding! It's amazing how big some of those eggs can be! I remember the chickens we had growing up - some of those eggs were just crazy. Poor chicken!
I found you on Nature Study Tuesday! :)

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