Monday, July 12, 2010

Blog Walking---Week Five

Here are this week's list of ten blogs for our walk. Don't forget to drink lots of water when you are out there's HOT! See you 'round the block. Don't forget to wave when you pass by...

1. Buckaroo Days

2. Our Homeschool Reviews---one of my favorite Bible verses is on her sidebar.

3. Reed, Party of 6--Nice photography. I also liked the blogs she follows...a good selection.

4. Training Hearts at Home--I like what she says about child training in her sidebar. I LOVE her quilt squares idea.

5. Along The Way--Do remember the ads for Sea Monkeys you used to see? I remember them being on the backs of old comic books my grandmother kept in her basement for us to read in the summer. I always wondered what it would be like to grow some. My mom never ordered them for me...but apparently these guys did! Stop by and see how the little critters turned out. Can you really train a Sea Monkey?

6. I Love Science!

7. Through the Calm and Through the Storm

8. Created for Home

9. Tractors and Tire Swings--Cute header, even cuter name.

10. Guiding Light Homeschool

Whew. I'm plum tuckered out. I'll see you next week with my walking shoes on. Until then, I'm the one sitting under the shady tree taking a break with an icy glass of seet tea.

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