Monday, July 19, 2010

Menu Plan Monday---July 19th-25th

This is very brief, but I was up late working on the TOS review and I am feeling computer overloaded. I am actually looking forward to folding my laundry. Scary.

Breakfasts---Bran Muffins, yogurt, and apples on Monday, Yogurt Parfaits on Wednesday, Blueberry pancakes and bacon on Saturday, Cereal with berries or bananas on other days.

Lunches---Cheddar cheese slices were on special, so we will feature lots of lunch meat and cheese sandwiches and cheese and meat roll ups this week. PBJ and apples/bananas/carrots/raisins otherwise.

   Monday-By request (since we failed to do it last week): Tuna Noodle Casserole served with applesauce and biscuits. I WILL make it this time!
   Tuesday-We're going blueberry picking and to the grandparents' house, so I will admit we will probably use some Chick fil A coupons I have to get dinner on the way home.
   Wednesday-Spaghetti casserole, salad, cobbler.
   Thursday-Crockpot hamburger soup, fresh rolls.
   Friday-Taco Pizza and movie night, pudding parfaits as a treat.
   Saturday-Tilapia (prepared by dad some way), fresh corn on the cob, fruit salad.
   Sunday-Pot Roast, potatoes, and carrots made in the crock pot while we are in church. My favorite.

Have a healthy and blessed week!



~~~Alana~~~ said...

I am so jealous you have a chick-fil-a near you! :) Although I think it might be on my menu a bit too often if there was one close by. Do you have a recipe for your crock pot hamburger soup? I am always looking for new crock pot recipes! :)

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Alana-I do have a good recipe based on one from an Amish cookbook. I will post it later this week. Stay tuned. I love crock pot recipes, too!

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