Monday, July 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday---July 26th-July 30th

We are preparing this week for a two-week long trip through the Mid-west to visit my family as a complete family group (that means Daddy is actually going this time, and not out to sea) for the first time in twelve years.

Oh no, I just realized, I guess we won't be complete, because Bubba (age 19) is too busy this time of year to leave his clients (he's a farrier) and plans to fly by himself sometime this winter instead. That way, he can stay with his uncle and "play" blacksmith without interruptions from the peanut gallery (his uncle is a re-enactor at a local fort as a blacksmith).

If I didn't know he'll probably have more fun that way, I'd feel bad he's not going along. I have to admit that I am relieved that he will be here to tend to the farm and animals while we are away. Otherwise, all that hard work that went into the fruit and gardens would go to waste. I may not be here for the big boom of tomatoes I am expecting next week, but Bubba has tomatoes running through his blood and will take care of putting them to good use. If I knew a recipe for ketsup, he might even try making some with nothing better to do while he is here (we do not have cable), except that he is partial to Heinz and kind of picky about it.

In any case, in light of my busy schedule, I am skipping any mention of breakfasts, other than to say every breakfast will be served with...blueberries. We have LOTS, thanks to my friend, and I do not have time to make them ALL into jam. I did quite a bit last night, and froze most of the rest of the berries, but there are still enough that the kids will be eating cereal with blueberries and blueberry parfaits all week. I am hoping to make blueberry muffins at least once before we go, and to take my generous friend some.

Lunches will likely be PBJs most of the week. They are easy and the kids are loving the homemade strawberry and blueberry jam. I will use up as many fresh veggies as I can, so they won't go bad during our absence (celery, carrots, tomatoes). Bubba eats out a lot. The pay for farriers is pretty good these days. They deserve it, especially in this 100 degrees plus heat wave of ours.

Now down to dinners: I need to use up some hamburger meat, so we'll be a bit heavy on that.

Monday: Nachos. Easy peasy and made with...meat. Poppy brought over some tortilla chips the other day and left the whole bag, so they gotta get used up, too. I also made a blueberry-peach cobbler for dessert.
Tuesday: Spaghetti for Ladybug, who has had a long-time tummy ache and says spaghetti will make it better. Also uses up some of that hamburger meat. Salad with excess veggies and ranch.
Wednesday: I never did make that hamburger soup last week. It is looking good for this week as it's main ingredient got it...hamburger meat. Served with crockpot whole wheat bread. Yes, I did say bread made in the crockpot. It is actually good and you wouldn't believe how easy it is. It's a good thing I have more than one crockpot. I love crockpots.
Thursday: Time for a break from hamburger, as I am hoping it will be used up by then. I am thinking one last batch of BLT wrap ups for the road to use up my last pack of bacon and the rest of the lettuce. I will miss BLT wrap ups with fresh, garden-grown tomatoes while we are gone. If you haven't tried them yet, DO. Yum. Served with pasta salad and applesauce for the kids.
Friday: Our last movie night for a few weeks. Tex checked out Facing the Giants from church. We will have our usual pizza, though since we may leave the next morning, I think we will treat ourselves to an order-in experience. I will have to find a coupon to use.

I will not be posting MPM for a few weeks. It would read something like "Chick-fil-a, Wendy's dollar menu, Subway five dollar footlongs...and that is simply not worth sharing.

Actually, my Grandma Pooh does plan a great menu when we visit her. She cooks the same sorts of things every week and has for years. She has roast night, fish night, chicken night, etc. and then they always eat at Dairy Queen on "Two-for-one hamburger night" and have breakfast at Panera every Sunday after church. I look forward to sharing the days with her, and to her usual over-the-fire hot dog and s'mores cookout night.

Oh, and there is a place in Omaha that was on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives that Hubby wants to check out. And there is this awesome hamburger stand in Missouri where my Aunt and other grandma live that we will definitely make a trip to once. It will be a fun trip for us...I just hope we don't all gain ten pounds!

I hope you have a fun beginning of August, too.





sounds like a great trip you have planned. So glad everyone gets to go too, well except for your oldest. My hubby is almost home from our 4th deployment in 4 years, looking forward to family trips again, Have fun!!!

Heather said...

We had years like that. During one four year tour, Hubby was gone for 6 months, 9 months, 8 months, and then 11 months. I feel for you and the kids. I am glad it is almost time for him to come home. In the meantime, it seems like you are keeping busy! Prayers for a safe and speedy return for your hubby...

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