Sermon Sunday

Here are links to my Sermon Sundays, the posts where I take a topic I have been studying all week (or would like to study the next week) and share an audio/video sermon with you, and maybe some other related resources.

Please feel free to study along with me and comment at any time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Click HERE to see all of the Sermon Sunday posts on one page.

Access individual posts by clicking on the links below:

Sermon Sunday---One---Spiritual Gifts

Sermon Sunday---Two---Guardrails

Sermon Sunday---Three---The Household Through God's Eyes

Sermon Sunday---Four---What Do You Believe?

Sermon Sunday---Five---Genesis: The Key to Reclaiming Culture

Sermon Sunday---Six---Is This a Christian Nation?

Sermon Sunday---Seven---The Art of Marriage

Sermon Sunday---Eight---What to Expect from a Twelve Year Old

Sermon Sunday----Nine---Bible Pictures of Godly Children

Sermon Sunday---Ten---Introduction to Theology

Sermon Sunday---Eleven---Parents, Teens, and Reasonable Expectations

Sermon Sunday---Twelve---The Battle for the Beginning

Sermon Sunday---Thirteen---Lessons from Proverbs

Sermon Sunday---Fourteen---Family Worship

Sermon Sunday---Fifteen---Songs of Praise

Sermon Sunday---Sixteen---Hymns

Sermon Sunday---Seventeen---Family-Driven Faith

Sermon Sunday---Eighteen---Songs of His Birth

Sermon Sunday---Nineteen---Time of Your Life

Sermon Sunday---Twenty---Creation Science

Sermon Sunday---Twenty-One---Singing in the Rain

Sermon Sunday---Twenty-two---Marriage and You

Sermon Sunday---Twenty-three---Love and Marriage

Sermon Sunday---Twenty-four---How to Have a Great Love Life

Sermon Sunday---Twenty-five---How to Survive Tough Times

Sermon Sunday---Twenty-Six---Modesty

Sermon Sunday---Twenty-Seven---More Guardrails

Sermon Sunday---Twenty-Eight---The Triumphant Message of the Resurrection

Sermon Sunday---Twenty-Nine---Defending the Faith Biblically

Sermon Sunday---Thirty---Proverbs

Sermon Sunday---Thirty-one---Divided

Sermon Sunday---Thirty-Two---How to Build a Storm-Proof Marriage

Sermon Sunday---Thirty-Three---Covenant Relationships

Sermon Sunday---Thirty-Four---Do You Love Like Jesus?

Sermon Sunday---Thirty-Five---Why There Must Be Christmas

Sermon Sunday---Thirty-Six---Taking Responsibility for Your Life

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