Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sermon Sunday---Time of Your Life

We have a guest poster this week...Tex. He has been listening to Andy Stanley's sermon series on Time this week during his Bible time and highly recommended it to me. Here are his comments:

"I think this series said several things to me. First of all, it told me to stop wishing time would go by so fast and to appreciate every moment instead of hurrying through it. Secondly, it encouraged me to be more deliberate about what I do and to plan my time wisely. More importantly, for me anyway, was the picture Pastor Stanley made that while time may seem like a huge, vast thing to us, it is not so huge to an infinite God. Even though our time here is so short in relation to God's infinite being, He still loves us and cares for us. That was very important to me and special. You should really listen to this amazing series that Andy Stanley put together. It is great."   Tex

HERE is a link to Andy Stanley's site where they keep the archived sermons. Scroll through until you see the series called Time of Your Life.

These sermons will not necessarily stay in the archive forever, so make the time to listen to them soon.



1 comment:

Marie said...

What a neat idea, to let you son be a guest poster on your blog. Enjoyed his comments. Just visiting from the blog walk.

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