Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sermon Sunday---How to Have a Great Love Life

I heard a marvelous sermon this morning while we were getting ready for church that just happened to be on this month's overarching topic of marriage and love. I looked the speaker up online and was pleased to discover that he has an entire sermon series on the topic. I couldn't wait to share these sermons with you, and I plan to listen to the other two sermons in the series sometime this week.

Dr. Bob Boyd, President of New Fire for Christ, answers some of life's toughest questions. This month's answers are about marriage. In the sermon I listened to, Dr. Boyd talks about how to have a successful marriage, you must rely on Jesus and live by following his example of selfless sacrifice. I think you will find them to be easy to listen to while still inspiring deeper thought and introspection. The series would be excellent listening for young adults, as well as married couples.

You can find links to the three-part series below:

You can find more Answers to Life's Toughest Questions HERE.

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