Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sermon Sunday---Battle for the Beginning

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I have been blessed today to have the opportunity to listen to four separate sermons today. Three of our children are suffering from allergic coughs, and not wanting to alarm the other parents and elderly population at church, I stayed home with them, sending the older boys on without us. We had a leisurely morning, getting ready to celebrate my sister-in-laws birthday by having lunch with them. It was nice, because mornings like that are rare with so much to do. While I got ready, I listened to Charles Stanley's sermon for the week on resolving conflict. Then, during our drive back from visiting with my family, I listened to a talk by Doug Phillips about children and the church. Since we arrived back home after dark, the little ones went straight to bed, the big boys opted to watch a movie together, and I was able to listen to a Voddie Baucham sermon on the family. Lastly, I happened upon the sermon series that I am going to share with you for this week's Sermon Sunday. I just have to say that I think this has been about perfect for a Sunday (except for the semi-sick kids and missing church)...plenty of time learning more about God's word and how it applies to our lives, visiting with family (and a sick friend...please pray for my friend, D., who has surgery Thursday), great food, and resting in the presence of the Lord in fellowship with like-minded family and friends.

In any case, it is just so wonderful all the resources you can find at your fingertips given a computer and an internet connection. Of course, I love books, too. I will never give up my real print books (especially my Bible) for completely electronic forms of them, but sometimes it is nice to be able to just sit back and listen, instead of reading. Even better, in my book, is when you have an opportunity to do BOTH.

So for Sermon Sunday today, I am offering this excellent opportunity for you to read along with me this month as I tackle reading John MacArthur's book Battle for the Beginning. I have owned this book for several years and (oops) never gotten around to reading it. I discovered that the sermon series that is related to the book is available online. It is an in-depth study of the Creation account in Genesis and of the important issues at stake in relation to the creation/evolution controversy. Thank you, Grace to You and John MacArthur, for making this excellent series available for free.

HERE is the link to the page which accesses each of the sermons in the series. The first is very good. I listened to it tonight. There are thirteen total, so I am thinking about three a week will get it done in a month. I think I will be asking Tex to read the book once I am finished with it, or maybe as I finish each chapter. I will have him listen to these sermons with me, too. It will be a good plan to try out this week for Bible time, I think.

If you have your own copy of the book, have already read it, or can check it out at your church library, feel free to leave me a comment and maybe we can correspond about our thoughts!

I hope you had a blessed Sunday,


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