Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sermon Sunday---Do You Love Like Jesus?

My mother pointed me in the direction of Francis Chan after several people she knows well came into the church library (where she works) looking for books he has written (especially my SILs friend, Alex...thanks, Alex!).

I found this talk from the Desiring God Conference on You Tube and it will really make you think. Who do you love? Do you love those whom you perceive as deserving it, or do you love the unlovable? How do you love them? Do you love people enough to tell them about Christ, even in the face of difficulty and discomfort" Do you love them enough that your heart breaks at the plight of the downtrodden and hurting, or just enough to "check off" that box on your list of things you feel must do as a Christian...such as  "be kind to others?"

What makes us more able to wholeheartedly love other people the way that Jesus did, even the ones who are hard to love? Find out by watching. You will be blessed by this pastor's thoughts about the Gospel of Christ.



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