Our Extra Resources


Enchanted Learning Egypt Printables (variety of coloring pages)
Practical Pages Egyptian Paper Dolls (with clothes to color and change)
Ancient Egyptians Paper Dolls (rich and poor...already colored and dressed)
Your name in Heirogyphics (automatically generated)
Your Name in Heiroglyphics (do it yourself and learn about the meaning)
A Day in the Life of Egyptians (interactive info site)
Explore Ancient Egypt for Kids (tour of a tomb and a mummy)
Make an Egyptian Pharaoh's Mask (craft)
Sand Paper Tomb Wall Art (craft)
Egypt Word Search (elementary grades)
Play the game of Senet (online, single player)
Magic Tree House books...Mummies in the Morning and research companion (make a treehouse and visit the clubhouse to explore and record your adventures)
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