Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Walls of Art Wednesday---Your Art is in the Mail!

One thing I love about art is sharing it. Another thing I love is the breadth of interpretation of what art is. Even my littlest ones, when caught doing something a bit "scribbley-scrabbley" (as we put it) are quick to quip, "But it's abstract art, Mommy." lol.

We were going to do a paper mosaic of the rain pounding outside, drenching and flooding all of our pastures, with the heavy clouds overshadowing the sky, making everything look basically gray and blue and black today (we are glad for the rain, since our area sorely needed it, we just miss playing in the sunshine). However, I remembered at the last minutes that Hubby's dad's birthday is soon, so I decided to have the kids make cards instead, when they asked to do a craft.

Stickers and crayons don't make Rembrandts, but I know these expressions of love will be masterpieces to the recipient. God bless the little ones for their loving hearts...and the more stickers, the more the love!!

That's our artistic contribution for the week. We'll work on those paper mosaics for next week, with maybe a more cheery subject than rain, or maybe not, if this storm keeps up through the weekend...we'll see.

And by the way, Happy Birthday, Grandpa G.
Your art is in the mail...;-)

Blessings to you,


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