Monday, September 13, 2010

Menu Plan Monday---September 13-19

I have been having a bad spell of headaches lately, so my menu is going to be using  a lot of pre-made stuff this week and will be fairly simple. I went to Walmart to shop, and after adding up the tally for what it would cost to buy everything and make it fresh, or buy it pre-made, buying the ready-mades was actually cheaper (and oh, so much easier). It may not be as good for us, but sometimes you have to go for ease and comfort over homemade.

Monday--Chicken quesadillas served with Mexican cheesy rice (we like the Lipton variety and add cheese to it.).

Tuesday--Pizza night. We have friends visiting that night (who have five kids) and that is two-for-one pizza night at Dominoes, so we are going to introduce them to the scrumptiousness of ham and pineapple pizza with garlic-parmesean sauce. Yum! And it's oh-so-easy. I also bought birthday cupcakes to share with their kids for Cowboy's birthday since they couldn't be here to help us celebrate on the actual day.

Wednesday--Nachos. We use Velveeta and a can of chili with no beans, then warm it in the microwave. We chop lettuce and tomatoes, add shredded cheese and sour cream, and this is one of the kids' favorite quick meals. It's not particularly nutritious, but since they will be having homemade bread with fresh, homemade pear butter, and our last watermelon from our garden (the squash bugs got the rest of the veggies while we were on our trip) for lunch, I don't feel too badly about it. Tex's friends will be over for the day and they will like this one.

Thursday--Chicken Cordon Bleu served with corn on the cob and scalloped potatoes. The chicken is premade, but not bad, and Tex has offered to make this meal for me.

Friday--Lasagne (Stouffer's) with fresh salad and french bread. I will have to make a trip to the bread store Thursday to get the bread, but I need to get the chickens and ducks a "poultry basket" anyway (they sell past-the-date bread cheaply for livestock use).

Saturday--Hamburgers and fries on the grill. Hubby can be in charge...yay! Last time we grilled out, he did a fantastic job, so I am looking forward to another day off from cooking a big meal.

Sunday--Pigs-in-a-blanket, with a side of macaroni and cheese, served with cinnamon applesauce. The kids saw this in a cookbook and have been asking for it, so this seems like a nice time to oblige. It will be easy to make (they can help) and to clean up after, especially since my folks went to Sam's Club and brought over HUGE packages of styrofoam plates and bowls, and big boxes of plastic silverware. They took pity on the fact that my dishwasher is broken and are trying to save me a bit of work. Thank you Mom and Dad!! I know it's not particularly environmentally friendly, but I am sure that I make up for it with the fact that most of my treasures (clothes, furniture, books, dishes, school supplies, etc.) are other people's junk (ie. I got them from yard sales, thrift stores, and antique malls) and that, my friends, is recycling!!

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