Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nature Study Tuesday---A Very Buggy Birthday

 At our house, we like to make sure that fun and learning go hand in hand, so we try to give fun gifts that encourage learning whenever we can. This year for Cowboy's fifth birthday, we had a bug-theme. We loaded up on some really nifty Backyard Safari products we found mostly at Toys R Us (it turns out it was cheaper to drive an hour and a half away to get the stuff than to pay for shipping from the company).

It was definitely worth the extra drive, because he obviously LOVED his buggy birthday stuff...and so did everyone else. Thankfully, the weather has cooperated, and the whole family has had fun going on insect safaris every day since then.

Cowboy, Bug Explorer Extraordinaire.

Thanks, Bubba! I love my new bug habitat and magnifying glass. They go so well with my Safari Vest from Nanny and Poppy.

 I also got a cool magnifying glass, a bug-catching net, and a bug collecting case. I have everything I need to be an Expert Bug Explorer. 

      I think I'll begin exploring right here at home...I wonder what sort of bugs I can find around here?

I found some bugs, Nanny, but they are plastic. Where do you suppose the real ones are?
I think you will find some under the pear tree eating fallen fruit. It seems the ants and bees like pears a lot, just like little boys do.

I will catch some of the ants and add them to my bug habitat.
Look what else likes the pears! You'd better leave that one flying free, Cowboy. It's too beautiful to put in a cage.

Hey, Mommy! Look at the creepy spider I found. Can I catch it and put it in my habitat?
No way, Cowboy! You leave that one outside. You know I don't like spiders. Eeeyeuw!

Look what else I found, Daddy! A baby praying mantis. I will add it to my habitat. I can name it Bob.

I want to be a Bug Explorer, too, says Baby Boo (who is walking now!). I may not have an awesome safari vest like my big brother, but my outfit has bugs on it...and a net like his!

Time for a break from our Bug Hunt. Explorering is hard work! I sure do love cupcakes (especially Nanny's sprinkle chocolate cupcakes) and hearing everyone sing the Happy Birthday song to me.

What? More presents? Wow! 
It's a Bug Podz set. Neato. Uh, what are Bug Podz?

Ooooh, Cool, Mommy and Daddy! Thank you! Bug Podz are awesome. I love building different shaped tunnels for my bugs to live in, then watching them run around.  (This toy is definitely going to be a favorite...it's really nifty!)

Today we caught lots of ants (tiny red ones and a big black one), two crickets, two spiders (one very jumpy one), a squash bug, some beetles, a roly poly, and two wasps using my new bug vacuum...Tex put it together for me and helped me catch lots of bugs. Bugs sure are fun to watch. I use my magnifying glass to make them look bigger. They are very interesting. (a bug vacuum is an AWESOME toy...it was a big hit!!)

Guess what?! We found a Wooly Bear caterpillar today, too. We looked it up on the internet and found out they turn into Isabella Tiger moths. Isn't that neat? I love all of my new buggy stuff.
Oh, thank you. This is just what I need to wrap up a very wonderful birthday...some buggy explorer Cat in the Hat books (On Beyond Bugs and There's a Map in My Lap) and a Cat in the Hat learning dvd.

I am tired now, Mommy. Can we watch our movie after you read our bug story to us? Please?

 Sure thing, my brave explorer, sweetie-pie. We all had such a fun time sharing this special birthday with you, appreciating the endless variety of God's extraordinary natural world. We saw so many fascinating things on our Bug Hunt, and I look forward to all of us having many more together in days to come. God bless you this year and always, our dear Cowboy. We love you.



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