Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nature Study Tuesday---Butterflies, Bees, and Busch Gardens

Apparently, you can find nature almost anywhere!!

Plant: Lantana
Scientific Name: Pterourus glaucus
glauLocation: Busch Gardens, Virginia
Find more info and a coloring page at Enchanted Learning HERE.

Pterourus cuPterourus glaucus


Plant: Lantana (of the family Verbenaceae)
Insect: Bee (not sure if he is a honey bee or a bumble bee)
Location: Busch Gardens, Virginia
Find a bee labeling exercise and coloring page at Enchanted Learning HERE.

I think I will have to plant some lantana in my own garden next year. It was getting a lot of visitors in Busch Gardens...the insects' smorgasbord. We enjoyed watching these guys have a feast while we waited in long ride lines...no opportunity wasted, if you are observant.



Endnote: Well, maybe I might not do the Lantana thing after all...I just read it is toxic to animals and the berries are mildly toxic as well. I will have to decide if there is someplace safe I can put it, first.

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