Sunday, September 5, 2010

Staying Busy on a Saturday

As much as the kids would love to think that Saturdays mean nothing but fun, and that fun means leisure, around here, the truth is that we have to work hard most Saturdays just to keep up with the place.

However, working hard does NOT preclude fun. Chores can be fun, if you go into them with the right attitude. Hard work can be fun if you focus on what that hard work will accomplish, and the skills you are improving by working diligently. Drudgery does not have to be drudgery if you are working with someone you like...or in our case, many someones!

Here are a few pictures of what we spent our Saturday doing...and believe me, we had lots of fun.

Hubby worked on shoring up a bunny hutch for Peter the Rabbit that was donated to us by a friend of Bubba's.

The Three Amigos caught numerous creepy crawlies as they played outside and "helped" Daddy build the bunny hutch. Ladybug learned to pound nails, and Cowboy and Firefly were great at running things to the trash.

Tex enjoyed mowing the "lawn." With fifteen acres, about six of which get mowed, I don't suppose it really qualifies as a lawn, but mow it he did! And with a smile on his face!!

The Three Amigos came inside after a while and helped Mommy fold laundry. Folding the dish towels and matching the socks are their special jobs. Later, they put away their folded clothes and helped Mommy make dinner. They may be small, but they can get a lot done when they work as a team!

Even Boo tried to help in his own way, by entertaining us with a game of peek-a-boo using a basket on his head. After that, he used it to pick up his toys, sort of. Next, he took them all out again, and put them back in, and took them out, and...What a cutie! It helps me just to see his smiling face. This is exactly why we work so hard around the children will have a happy, useful, peaceful, sweet life, and a storehouse full of good memories to savor.

I hope your Saturday was filled with many blessings, and that whatever you did, you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed our day.

Blessings to you all,


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