Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sketch Tuesday---Something with Whiskers

All the school-aged kids wanted to participate this week in Sketch Tuesday.
Here are their masterpieces. Enjoy!

I tried to talk Tex into drawing Santa Claus because he has
whiskers, too, but he stuck to wanting to do a mouse.

I wonder if any of the other kids who do Sketch Tuesday will wind up
doing Old St. Nick (or am I the only one who thinks that is funny)?

Ladybug combined her writing activity with her art lesson.
Good job, sweetie!

Cowboy insisted that if Ladybug had to do the assignment, so did he.
I think he did a nice job.

If you are interested in participating in Sketch Tuesday, but can't make up your mind, read this post at Practical Pages about the benefits of Sketch Tuesday.

If you decide you'd like to participate next week, go to Harmony Art Mom and check out the next assignment. I can't wait to see your pictures in the slideshow with ours!

I hope you have an artful Tuesday!



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