Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Let Them Eat...Bread!

I did it. With the help of a dear friend, I ground my own wheat and made two loaves of bread with MY OWN TWO HANDS (with no aid from a bread machine or mixer) for the first time ever!! Hooray!

My house smells WONDERFUL and the bread tastes divine. I am, perhaps, inspired, to try this again...although it was very labor intensive. It was, however, worth it once I was smelling it bake in the oven and anxiously waiting to be able to pull it out.

This is how is came out. I think my loaves look pretty nice for a first attempt. They sure taste good.

If you were here, I would share some with you. Maybe you can just imagine being here, and that will be almost as good as being here (not really, but we can pretend, since we are already

Also with the help of my good friend, Lady L.,

             I turned some of these pears (from our trees)

and these pears

into this pear butter.

It smells delicious. Kind of like autumn, with the essence of nutmeg, a hint of orange, and the fragrance of warm apples and pears (we threw in a few Ginger Gold apples for fun). I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

Maybe it's time for a cup of Earl Grey and a slice of warm bread drizzled with honey and melted butter. Hmmmm.

Yes, I think I just might be doing this more often.

I hope you have a blessed and productive day,


PS. Thank you, Lady L.. You are an awesome Super Chef and a great teacher!!

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Kim said...

Great job on the bread!! It looks delicious!

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