Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FREE!! Stephen Johnston Audio Bible Online

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I have been thinking about purchasing an audio Bible to listen to with the kids at home and in the car, but I haven't been able to decide if we will really use it as much as we'd need to to make the investment worth it. Imagine my excitement when I discovered Stephen Johnston's Complete Audio Bible available online for FREE! I LOVE free stuff...it's my favorite price.

I plan to listen to this version with the kids for a few weeks at home and see if we really use it. Then, if we do, I may take the plunge and order the Word of Promise Audio Bible (I love how they use multiple voices and sound effects, kind of like an old time radio show...it's nowhere close to free, but I think we'd get a lot out of it).

Here's the link to the welcome page for this audio version of the Bible. If you have found other good audio versions available for FREE! online, please let me know, so I can share them here. Thanks!!

Stephen Johnston Online Audio Bible



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