Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sermon Sunday---Creation Science

This week's Sermon Sunday is by request of my mom.

Here are two pages with links to sermons by Ken Ham, as well as those of MANY other Creation Science lecturers, such as Gary Parker, Duane Gish, and Henry Morris. We were talking about how great it was to attend a Worldview Weekend (sign up for their free magazine HERE) and wishing there would be one held locally this year so we could go again for a refresher course.

Have you ever been to a Worldview Weekend, or at least heard Ken Ham speak? I've been to two in the last ten years, plus Ken Ham spoke at the homeschooling convention last year that I attended. It's a real treat that you do not want to miss. You will learn A LOT. I've been thinking of signing up Tex for their online Bible and Worldview Training once he is done with his current book study. You can check out more about it HERE. It's now only $49 each ($39 if you sign up two or more). If anyone has completed it, I'd appreciate a comment about how well you liked it (or not). Thanks!

I hope this blesses you this week and beyond.



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