Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ladybug's Peanut Butter, Honey, and Banana Sandwich Tutorial

Welcome to my tutorial for my
By Guest Poster:  Ladybug

Ingredients needed:

JIF Peanut Butter
(or your favorite, but we think JIF is yummiest!)
Honey (local honey is best, but we couldn't find any)
A ripe banana (the less green, the better...brown spots are okay
...that means it is sweeter)
Two slices of bread per sandwich
 (one banana can make three sandwiches).

Step One: Slice banana into thin pieces.

Step Two: Add a squiggle of honey to one slice of bread per sandwich
(you can make funny faces if you want to).

You might want to spread it out a bit (or not).

 Step Three: Put banana slices on top of honey.
It takes about five slices per sandwich, or you can use more
if you have more bananas available.

Step Four: Spread peanut butter on the other slice of bread
for each sandwich.
Use lots. Yum!

Step Five: Put the peanut butter half on top of the
banana and honey half.

Voila! Delicious Peanut Butter, banana, and honey sandwiches.
Easy enough that a kid can make them!

Delicious enough that a kid can't wait to eat them, too.


That's a thumbs up from me.
I hope you like it, too.



Mom got this published for me on The Legacy of Home's The Christian Home Blog Carnival. That's nifty!


Deb Paul said...

Cute and she is growing up so fast.

i cant decide said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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