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Going Bonkers for GoGoKabongo!

Guest Co-Posters: Ladybug, Firefly, and Cowboy...GoGo Kabongo experts-extraordinaire

Mom says: GoGo Kabongo is an online learning game meant for ages 4-7 (in our experience, this is a very accurate assessment of appeal based on ability to navigate the environment and skills taught) . Kabongo is an engaging and entertaining environment that appeals to kids' sense of silliness, while teaching them valuable critical thinking skills, attention to detail, focus, memory, and planning skills. Using a series of mini-quests, treasure hunts, and learning games, Kabongo teaches your child without him realizing he is learning!

Both boys and girls will enjoy Kabongo as the colorful critters and crazy machines tickle their funny bone and foster their creativitiy, at the same time as they develop valuable reading skills. Learning games are "auto-leveled," which means they advance at your child's pace. You can click HERE to see the learning skills chart showing what is taught in each of the three habitiats. You can click HERE to see what
games are available in each of the habitiats.

There are three games in each habitat (Laughter Lake, Galaxy Gardens, Twister Top), and each of the games has three levels that may be achieved. Children create their own avatars (fun critter shapes) and earn prizes they can place in their own personalized tree house. They can win stickers for a comic book they create, add ramps and other devices to a skate park they can ride in (all avatars are on skateboards), and add fun collectables to decorate their tree houses

The Three Amigos' Treehouse "Command Central"

Parents will love that they recieve weekly reports of their child's progress via email, explaining how their children are doing in each targeted skill area. Currently, this program is abailable to the public, but is still in the beta-testing phase, which means they are trying to work out the glitches (which you will occasionally encounter). It is also not fully developed yet, but what this means on a positive note is that there is much more to come and to look forward to! At the current price of $4.95 for a lifetime subscription (since two of the environments are free), it can't be beat, if you are looking for something like this for you home or homeschool.

Check out this deal TODAY!!
  •  "Your child can start playing GOGO KABONGO! today for free--at no charge, with full access to Laughter Lake’s brain-boosting games and activities. You can expand the learning with two additional habitats – Galaxy Gardens and Twister Top which are $4.95 each. SPECIAL OFFER: SIGN UP NOW AND YOU GET THE GALAXY GARDENS HABITAT FREE! Hurry - this offer is only available for a limited time!!

Here is what the family has to say about GoGoKabongo:

Ladybug (age 7) said: We like GoGo Kabongo because it's fun and teaches kids my age and down. There are lots of things that are hard and easy for all kinds of kids. The creatures in GoGoKabongo lose their lucky stuff a lot and ask you to find it for them and give it back to them. I think that is fun. It is really very silly. I like it.

Cowboy (age 5) said: I like the people-making thingy (avatar maker). Our Three Amigos guy has three eyes, wings, a yellow skateboard, and a big smile. I like winning prizes for our treehouse, our sticker comic book, and our skate park. You win prizes by playing games and learning. I LOVE it!!!!!

Firefly (age 3) said: I like to watch Ladybug and Cowboy play games and win prizes. They sometimes let me pick the prize to keep. It is a fun game. I want to play it by myself.

Tex says: I sat down with the kids a few times when they played GoGoKabongo and I think it is a cute game. They like it and it teaches them something, so it is not just wasted time. It's pretty funny.

Mom says: I have to admit that when I first saw GoGoKabongo, I did not find the idea appealing. It looked a bit silly at first glance, and frankly, my kids didn't need another sit-down computer game to play. But now that the kids have played it and I have seen their reaction to it, I see that it is a fun and useful tool that can occasionally help our schoolday run more smoothly.

I can put one of the kids on Kabongo while another completes her work online, and I work with the third personally. I can also use it as a reward on a day when they can't play outside (and they do concentrate on their work better when this is set as the reward on a rainy day!). I have grown to like this program and think it could definitely be useful and fun for many types of families (see list below). I hope you will head to their site and check it out...after all, Laughter Lake is free, and if you sign up now for the low price of $4.95 for Twister Top, Galaxy Gardens is FREE (and you know how much I LOVE FREE!).


Here are some of the silly things Duffy (one of the characters in the game) says randomly before you choose a playing environment:
  • I'm sure glad you came along. Now I don't have to be my own best friend anymore.
  • Hey! Wanna share some ice cream? Do you like Snackleberry fudge hairball with just a hint of tire rubber? 'Cause that's all I've got...
  • Never hurts to help...well, except that one time...but my hair grew back, so no big deal.
  • Kablammo! Ooops. Didn't mean to startle you. Just practicing. Kablammo!
  • Old Duffy's got your back. I've also got your shoes. Sorry about that. I thought they were mine.
  • There's an adventure out there just waiting for you. Now ClicketyClickClick!
  • Isn't it terrible when you go to the trouble of naming all of your fleas, and they go and change hats so you can't tell them apart anymore?
  • Anyone have an eyebrow comb I can borrow?
  • I've been working out lately. I can lift a million pounds. Now I just need to figure out how to lift them all at the same time.


Who would like GoGoKabongo?
  • Families with a mix of ages (including 4-7) who need a fun and educational way to occupy the younger ones while mom teaches the older kids.
  • A mom who has a little one who wants to be "a big kid" like big brother and do work, too.
  • A mom who wants something to occupy the kids on a cold and rainy day.
  • A parent of a young child who is struggling withe illness that makes regular work too difficult, but maybe this would help out. Or a parent who is ill and needs something for their young child to do while they rest.
  • Perhaps a parent of a child with difficulites paying attention. Many of the activities develop this skill.
  • A mom who needs some time to work from home, or do housework, who would like something educational for a little one to do while she does her work.
  • A grandparent who wants to have something special available for the grandkids when they visit.
  • An after-school caregiver who wants an extra activity to offer the kids.
  • Anyone who just wants to buy something fun and educational, AND economical for the kids to do.
This is the learning skills chart for GoGoKabongo.


FAQs about GoGoKabongo
Learn MORE about GoGoKabongo
Sign up for GoGoKabongo
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Disclaimer: I received a membership to GoGoKabongo for the purposes of reviewing and evaluating GoGoKabongo here on my blog. The opinions you read here are the honest impressions of me and my family based on our own experiences. If you have questions we did not answer here, please feel free to contact me.

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I particularly love the "expert" opinions of your children. They are usually more insightful! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm following you too now!

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