Monday, October 25, 2010

Lego Challenge---Halloween

Since we don't celebrate Halloween at our house, but rather, we usually enjoy some sort of Harvest Festival celebration instead, I let the kids make a model of what they are expecting to find at this year's church Harvest Festival.

Here is what they came up with:

Here you can see the playground to the right, complete with Mr. John's amazing train playset. Firefly insisted upon the teeter totter (it's her favorite thing), and Cowboy worked on the trees. The pavillion is to the left, with the chili cookoff inside (all the Nanny's are inside eating!). The costume judging is taking place outside, featuring Woody, Buzz, the Bug Hunter, and an alien (the winner!) among others. The horse ride (featuring our Jake and Woody's horse) is in the back.

Cowboy is showing off his contributions of the teepee (not actually present at the real festival, but a great idea!) and mom's addition of a cross. To the left, you can see the church that Firefly worked on.

  Here are two final views of the fun festival. From the side, you can see the tractor and hay ride with "real hay" (grass), courtesy of Ladybug. At the real festival, a great gospel-singing act was set up in the bed of a pick up, to which was attached a trailer full of straw for the kids to sit in while they listenened. It was a marvelous time for all of us. Stay tuned for pictures of the real thing later this week!

Blessings to you and wishes for a happy harvest,


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