Friday, November 4, 2011

Gratitude Challenge--Ladybug

Today is Ladybug's 8th birthday. 

Happy birthday, Princess. 

Here are a few things I love about her and am very thankful for:

  • Her willingness to help
  • Her tender heart
  • Her eagerness to learn new skills
  • Her silly sense of humor
  • Her beautiful smile and her big brown twinkling eyes
  • Her diligence and persistence in developing skills, such as reading and roller skating 
  • Her "girlie-ness" that is tempered with a love of bugs and climbing trees
  • Her excitement in doing simple things
  • Her desire to please her parents and God
  • Her compassion for people who are hurting
  • Her artistic side and the cute way she tilts her head to look at things she is drawing
  • Her obedient nature, and her contrite spirit when she makes a mistake
  • Her tendency to organize things (because it is so nice to have someone else around the house who thinks like I do!)
  • Her long wavy hair that is so much fun to play with
  • Her delight in writing stories and making lists in tiny notebooks which she carries in her purse
  • Her curiosity about the world and her sense of adventure
  • Her developing interest in cooking and her enjoyment in perusing cookbooks 
  • Her love of nature and being outdoors
  • Her camaraderie with her siblings 
  • Her active imagination and amazing storytelling skills
  • Her squeezy hugs and her sweet kisses 
  • But most of all, I love that she is a Princess, a daughter of the King, because she asked Jesus to be in her heart...Knowing that she has accepted God's gift of eternal life is what I am most grateful for today. 
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. 
We sure do love you.

Who are you thankful for today?


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Kristy Jensen said...

I am most thankful for my faithful husband and two handsome boys. They are God's gift to me. I do pray that my boys will come to know Jesus in their hearts one day and be "Prince Charming" to a nice, sweet "Princess" someday.

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