Friday, November 18, 2011

Gratitude Challenge--Cowboy

 Today I am thankful for my darling Cowboy...

Things Cowboy has said to me:

  1. "Do you know what is the best thing in the world, Mommy?" "No, what?" "The love of your Mommy. Then God is the best thing, too."
  2. "Do you know what I like better than bananas, Mommy?" "No, what?" "Kisses and hugs from you."
  3. "You know who gives the best kisses, Mommy? You!"
  4. "I love you to the moon and back, Mommy. To infinity and beyond!"
  5. "You are the best mom ever."
  6. "You are the bestest cooker ever. Your cookies are scrumptious!"
  7. "When you are old I will take care of you, Mommy."
  8. "Mommy, you look beautiful. You are the prettiest of all the moms."
  9. "Mommy, you are my best friend. And [Ladybug], too."
  10. "I will always snuggle with you, Mommy, even when I am old."

Do you know what I love about Cowboy?
  • The love he displays through the frequent warm hugs and kisses he generously shares with all of us...especially me.
  • The kind words of appreciation and affection he lavishes on his family and friends.
  • His eagerness to help out and be "daddy's helper" or "mommy's little man."
  • His quick smile and silly sense of humor. He loves to laugh and to make others laugh. He loves knock-knock jokes.
  • His creative side that wholeheartedly jumps into building Lego creations, drawing funny faces, or playing dress-up with his siblings for hours.
  • The way he gets excited over finding and examining bugs, feathers, leaves, rocks, and looking upward into the night sky for constellations. The expression of awed discovery in the face of a child is beyond description.
  • How he dives into reading a stack of books without fear...and the pleasure he gets from looking at pictures in books and making up his own stories if the words are too hard for him. Sometimes his stories are better than the original ones!
  • All the bouquets of dandelions and buttercups he has brought me never fail to brighten my day and my kitchen. 
  • How he eats most things I make with gusto, but has recently decided he doesn't like peas and green beans anymore. He will, however, eat them if he has to to get dessert.
  • The way he remembers that "boys take care of girls" because of the blue rubber bracelet I gave him after we had a talk about that topic. He finds that bracelet and makes sure he is wearing it almost every day. It's so cute.
  • He is always willing to try doing something long as his buddies (the other Amigos) are coming, too.
  • He is enthusiastic about doing almost anything...he says that someday he is going to be a farmer, a daddy, an artist, a builder, a doctor, a gardener, a computer fixer, and a fire fighter. And that's all.
  • The way he loves to talk. And talk. And talk. Believe me, that's a blessing in boys. Then when they are older, they will call you often. To talk. It's so nice.
  • I love the way he gets decked out in the morning with his explorer vest, his binoculars, his treasure bag, and his compass and toy penknife, then heads outside with enthusiasm and excitement for a day of play. He never fails to get the others supercharged for an expedition. 
  • I adore the way he is best buddies with his big sister. They are two peas in a pod. And when she is busy doing schoolwork or helping me, he is just as nice to his little sister, and now even Boo is playing along with the Amigos. Soon I will have to rename their school blog to Blessing Farm's Four Amigos.
  • I love his smile and his laugh and his twinkling blue eyes. He's a keeper, and is growing up to be a gallant Prince of the King of Kings. 
  • I am so blessed that this year he asked Jesus to live in his heart. He did this all on his own, unsolicited from me or Hubby. What a blessing.

I am so thankful for such a wonderful son. Every day, I thank the Lord for my precious Cowboy. He's a huge blessing to us all.

Who are you grateful for today? Link up with the Gratitude Challenge at Garden of Praise.



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