Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Dare You to Watch This

The 180 Movie 
with evangelist Ray Comfort 
of Living Waters ministry

*some scenes are not suitable for all ages*

Watch as 8 people make a complete turnaround on 
their position about the abortion, which leads many of
them to consider a new position about God and sin.

Using the Holocaust and the atrocities committed
against the Jewish people and others during WWII
by the Nazi's as a starting point, Ray Comfort 
guides you to a thorough understanding of the 
holocaust that is happening in America today...abortion.

Please, make sure you and your loved ones know where 
you all stand on this very important issue before you
head to the polls during the next elections.

You can go to HeartChanger.com for more details 
and to find out ways you can help spread 
the word about this vital topic.
You may also view the movie for free there.

Please feel free to repost this video on your own blog,
or link to it using other social media...I double dog dare you.

Thank you!!




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