Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday--Pony Update with Videos!

One month old. How time flies.

This is Pippi a few days ago. 
She loves to run circles around her mommy.

The other horses are checking out the newcomer. 
They are not sure what to think.

Time to kick up our heels...then a quick snack.

We've been calling her "Pip" or "Pippi," originally short for "Pipsqueak," but now we are considering using it as an acronym for "Pretty in Pink" and buying her all pink stuff. Silly, I know, but girly!

Other suggestions have been Rosie or Dusty Rose (her daddy is Mr. Dusty Gold Bars), Daisy, Josie, and Penelope (with Pippi or Penny being the nickname). What do you think?

They didn't have halters at Tractor Supply or Southern States small enough for the baby, so we bought her a goat halter and lead line. It works!

Aren't we adorable?

Tex likes spending time at the barn playing with Pippi after cleaning up their stall.

She's a feisty one!

Everybody loves her and she loves everybody. 
She walks up to us as soon as we open the gate, 
no matter how far away her mommy is.

This was taken just a few days after she was born. She has grown a lot since then. She is already sharing her mom's grain...I had no idea foals began eating "real food" so soon. It has certainly been a fun and interesting learning experience for all of us.



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