Wednesday, March 30, 2011

National Library Week Bookmark Entries

Over the last month the kids worked on designing, drawing a rough draft, and finalizing their entries for the annual library bookmark contest in celebration of National Library Week April 10th-16th. Last year, Ladybug received first prize for her age division and Tex received second for his. You can read about how proud of a mom I was, and see their winning entries, at my post HERE

I have heard that there were more entries this year than last (last year there were about five hundred), so maybe their chances of placing will not be as good, but win or not, I think they all did a great job and produced something of which they can really be proud.

The kids turning their bookmarks in to the very sweet librarian.

They also learned several things:
First, we did brainstorming. We talked about what the theme of National Library Week is this year: Create Your Own Story @ the Library. We thought about what sort of things they like to do at the library that make it special to them, and then decided on something that would be the focal point of each bookmark. I folded printer paper in thirds for each child, so they had up to six spaces to do rough sketches and play with ideas in. My mom came over that day to help supervise and we had a grand time sketching and laughing and coming up with many fun and creative ideas.

After that, they looked at their ideas
and chose their favorite. Then I printed up a practice copy of the entry form using regular copier paper, and each child did a rough draft. (This was not all done on the same day.) I went around the table and discussed with each child what parts of their drawings could be improved, such as the very simple, "Do you need to add more color?" to the more complex, "Maybe you could work a bit on showing perspective." I did not do the drawings for the kids, I just pointed out areas they could add something to, if they liked. Sometimes they did want to, and other times they were happy with what they had.

A few days before the bookmarks were due,
I printed up a final copy of the entry form for each student on card stock, and they all sat down at the table for an art marathon. I was so impressed with the hard work each child offered that day, and at their attention to detail, and their determination to do their best. I am very satisfied with the many lessons they learned during this project.

Win or lose, they have gained valuable knowledge of how to plan a project, how to execute it, how to always try to do our best work, and how to double-check our work before turning it in. It was definitely time well spent.

Firefly and her entry...She drew a picture of herself all excited
because it is Storytime at the library. Hooray!
Ladybug and her entry...She drew herself playing with her favorite toy
at the library...the castle and princess doll...
and she is telling what kinds of books she likes to read.

Cowboy and his entry...He drew himself building a tower out of blocks
and saying, "I love my library!" He does.

Tex and his entry...he drew a scene with three individuals doing different
things in the is writing a story, another is on the computer,
and a last one is reading. They are all imagining their own stories.

Hey kids, I am proud of you!!

Win or not, you are all winners in my book, and when the contest is over, I will take you all out to eat at Pizza Hut (using our Book-it coupons!) to celebrate a job well done. Hooray for you!!



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