Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Plan Monday--March 21st-27th

Nothing fancy this week. Easy family favorites. Doubling up ingredients some nights to make two nights worth of meals. Awesome!

Monday--We are having guests for a few days since there is a special Christian music concert and a Christian Illusionist's show they are attending with us. They like sub sandwiches and chips, so that is what we are having (also, it's easy and quick to make before the Brock Gill show).

Tuesday--Two for Tuesday at Dominoes. Hubby will pick it up on the way home. Our guests love pizza! It's my dad's birthday today (Happy birthday, dad!), so we will call him and sing the birthday song to him. We will be getting together for bowling later in the week.

Wednesday--Spaghetti and cheesy bread.

Thursday--Extra cheesy spaghetti lasagna (we will make double spaghetti on Wednesday...we do love Italian, and easy Italian is even better!) and salad.

Friday--Hamburgers and/or hot dogs. Fries. Baked Beans.

Saturday--Taco night. Yum.

Sunday--We will be turning the leftover taco meat and trimmings, plus the usual "Velveeta plus Hormel chili cheese dip" into NACHOS! Another simple favorite. Perfect for a Sunday day of rest (moms need a break, too!)

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