Monday, April 26, 2010

Proud Mom!

Our local library has an annual bookmark contest centered around National Library Week. This year's theme was "Communities Thrive @ Your Library." My second son, Tex, and oldest daughter, Ladybug, decided they wanted to try their hands at entering, partly because the winning prize for each age group was a $20 gift certificate to a local New/Used bookstore, and the Runner Up's prize was a $10 certificate to the same place and they both love to read.

Tex had the brilliant idea that they ought to incorporate the Bookmobile into their drawings since the Bookmobile takes the library to the community. This idea was of particular significance to my children since the Bookmobile, and Mr. Mike, the Bookmobile librarian, visits our house every other week. Yes, Blessing Farm is an official Bookmobile stop. That's pretty cool, isn't it? It's just one of the many ways the Lord has blessed us at this place. We bought the house from...guess who? The previous driver of the Bookmobile and her husband! Before she resigned her post she was kind enough to sign us up as a stop because she knew we homeschooled. Kind of a newfangled house contract signing bonus. Isn't it awesome how God makes a plan come together?

Anyhow, not only has the Bookmobile blessed us by stopping here, but our neighbor, whose son has medical issues, has ordered books on tape for him time to time, and another large homeschooling family from our church who has an autistic son (he can't handle the library, so they never go) joins us for lunch, fellowship, and book club twice a month. A third homeschooling family joins us occassionally to visit the animals, play with the kids, and pick up books. On the weeks when we have even one of those groups join us, I believe we exceed the checkout total of all Mr. Mike's other stops combined! What can I say? We read a lot of books.

In any case, the kids spent quite a lot of time getting their bookmarks just right and they both turned out quality products. I was ultra impressed by Ladybug's attention to detail. She drew the Bookmobile, complete with the crab and heron painting on the side of the Bookmobile...I didn't even remember there was a bird included in that mural. I asked her if she was sure there was a bird there and how she knew, and she answered, "I see it every time the Bookmobile comes, Mom." Duh. I see it, too, but I didn't remember it. Is that old age or lack of attention to detail? Both, I think. I checked the Bookmobile when we pulled into the parking lot to drop off the bookmarks and she was absolutely right. Wow.

Tex was also very creative in that he decided to add many of the stops the Bookmobile makes to his drawing to represent how the Bookmobile takes the library to the community (as if bringing it to our mish-mosh of individuals and families wasn't enough!). He even added people at each of the stops, and a picture of himself, in front of the Bookmobile, arms overloaded with books. Now that's realism!

In the end, their hard work paid off, and they both won prizes! Ladybug won 1st place for the Kindergarten division, and Tex won 2nd place for the 6th grade division. They both learned a valuable lesson about how hard work can pay off, and they made some new friends at the library in the process. Mama gained some wonderful photo opportunities AND some neat additions to their portfolio notebooks (I was the only parent to ask for the original bookmarks you believe it?).

Now both of them are eagerly anticipating a well-earned field trip to the bookstore AND looking forward to the Summer Reading Club. They just can't wait...Neither can I.

Don't you just love libraries and books? I am so glad my kids do!

Proud Mom Update: I found out from Mr. Mike, the bookmobile driver, that there were over 500 entrants in the library's bookmark contest. And TWO of my wonderful children won prizes. WOW! =-) You think I was proud when I originally wrote this post? You should see me now!! We are so very blessed.

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