Friday, August 20, 2010

Welcome, Sweet Nephew!

Welcome to our new nephew!
Born August 3, 2010
7 lbs. 13 oz
21 inches long

We missed his birth since we were on our trip, but we were blessed to
meet him for the first time tonight. We had the first of what I hope
are many shared pizza nights at my brother's new house.
What fun! What noise...What a cutie! We love him already.

Clockwise from the top: Proud parents, daddy, auntie, and mommy with big brother.

I think he looks just like his older brother at that age, only his hair isn't quite as orange. Yes, I said orange. I know it is traditional to say "red" when referring to hair, but my nephew's hair is definitely orange. Like a pumpkin. He is as cute as a button, and nice, too. His brother will have blonder hair so there will be some room for individuality. However, I am sure he will be nice, just like his big brother. My kids are so blessed that they will have cousins to play and grow up with. Isn't living near family great?

I came up with names for their two boys today...they like to call their oldest boy, N--bear, so I think his name will be Brother Bear. Which means that his little brother can be Little Bear (one of the sweetest animated series' ever!). I hope you guys like those names. Now you will have to give me ideas on what to call you. All this "undercover" stuff is so confusing...LOL.

Counterclockwise from top right: Ladybug, Cowboy, Firefly, and Boo meet their cousin for the first time.

A goodnight kiss from Daddy...
Now go and kiss YOUR loved ones and let them
know how much you cherish them.
The years fly by too quickly.

Counting my blessings with a grateful heart,


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Kim said...

Very precious~Congratulations to your entire family!

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