Friday, August 27, 2010

Blog Walking---Week Nine

We're still going through our FM's blogs for this blog walk. Here is the next set of blogs for our Blog Walk. Enjoy the scenery along the way...there are some wonderful photos out there this week.

1. Creative Learners---She has some great posts about writing, by author Jim Baumgardner.

2. The Homeschool Desk---She has an excellent post on using community service as part of your homeschool curriculum. Stop by and read it. I completely agree that we should all be doing community service with our families...that's real education in action, and love in action.

3. Ramblin' Roads---Beautiful pictures of a trip to Lola Motorway which follows some of the most diffucult parts of the Lewis and Clark trail. The mountain lookouts are gorgeous!! We drove through mountains, too, on our way to Iowa (not quite like these, though) and Ladybug kept saying, "wow. Wow. WOW!"

4. The Stewards Steno---My FM's blog. Check out the pictures of her AWESOME custom-built chicken coop. My chickens and I are jealous.

5. Mama Manuscripts---This address is different from the one we were given, but a notice on the blogger blog said she's moved, so give this new (and full of her old stuff) site a look.

6. Train Up a Child---Great ad for the TOS 2010 Homeschool Planner. I just got my own and can't wait to use it and review it!

7. We Love to Homeschool---I love her post on one of her favorite quotes. I made my son copy it for handwriting today. I think I will try to design a crosstitch of it and work on it this winter.

8. Day by Day in Our World---Cool pictures of Alaska and the Iditarod Headquarters! And I want to know how I can get to review cool stuff like deep dish baking pans...someone, fill me in!

9. Acorns - or Homeschooling Nuggets of Gold---Full of reviews. Maybe you will see something you are reviewing this year to and get excited ahead of time.

10. The Berry Patch---Check out her top ten list of Homeschool Freebies. Awesome! You can check out my homeschool-for-free site for more freebies.

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