Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trip to Midwest---Day Five---Swim Day

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of having a nice pool at any hotel you plan stay at for more than one night during a vacation. I am all for finding the cheapest prices and best values, but sometimes, you just need to splurge a little and have fun. The hotel Tex found for us online in Lake of the Ozarks was just the right fit for our family. While there were things I would like to have improved upon (the carpet could have been nicer and cleaner, and the breakfast could have been more than just donuts…albeit nice ones), I could not have imagined a better pool for the kids, and with the heat index in the 100 pluses, it was a life saver.

The Quail’s Nest pool had the niftiest waterfall wall that cascaded into a child’s pool area. From the child’s pool area ran a “stream” complete with boulders to hop across or send boats around. Cowboy “sailed” his toy car down the “river” dozens of times, with big sister Ladybug fetching it once it rolled over the small waterfall which flowed into the big pool. Baby Boo played for over an hour happily slapping the water in the stream and laughing at how the running water felt on his back. Firefly enjoyed the child’s pool, having the security of shallow water and feeling like Daddy was near. Daddy was able to play with Ladybug and Tex, yet still keep an eye on the little ones. He even had time to teach Tex how to do the breast stroke, and to work on Ladybug's underwater swimming skills. Mom fit in wherever she was needed, and even got to stay in the room with Boo one evening and blog while Daddy played with the older kids. Yay!

I love a nice pool. It sure does tire those little ones out. They all slept very well every night we stayed at that hotel. So did we…yawn!


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