Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sermon Sunday---Staying in Love

Love is so important that the Bible even tells us that "God is love."

Staying in Love
By Andy Stanley
We encounter love in all aspects of our life, but after loving our Lord, one the most important expressions of our love is to love our spouses. That type of love can be one of our greatest blessings, but sometimes one of our most pressing challenges.

In today's society, trading partners through divorce has pretty much become a norm when the going gets tough and the "love" begins to wane. The divorce rate is higher than ever, and the divorce rate of professing Christians equals that of secular society.

When Jesus has told us how important fidelity is, and that marriage demonstrates the relationship of Christ to his church to the world, why have Christians strayed so far from "for better or worse?"

Andy Stanley gives you some excellent tools and examples in his four-part sermon series, "Staying in Love" and will help you make sense of this distressing phenomenon. He will answer the question "Is it possible to find someone and stay in love forever?" and will impress upon you that love is a verb, and not a passive and fickle feeling, as well as give you some practical ideas for blessing your spouse and keeping your love fresh and growing deeper.

If we would all put as much effort into preserving our marriages as we put into pursuing other things of lesser importance and impact, our marriages could truly be a light to a troubled world.

Have a blessed Sunday.

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Kristy Jensen said...

I can't wait to start listening to this series. Thanks!

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