Sunday, May 20, 2012

May Your Future Be Bright

I found this beautiful song last week and have been enjoying learning it since then. I wish that I could teach it to my Amigos before the wedding and have them sing it with me at Bubba and Miss As wedding, but the time is too short. They will have to settle for this simple post which wishes them both all of the best, all of our love, and an abundance of prayers.

We will be spending the day at Nanny and Poppy's as it is Miss As wedding shower today and my mother is hostessing it. What a joyous day it is! Only one month and a few days until the big day. We are so excited! We love you both. God bless you always.

"May Your FutureBe Bright"(Our Blessing Song) 
 Words & Music by Gary Bower
Copyright 2011   *    All Rights Reserved.
 (Song Lyrics)
May your future be bright.
May your sorrows be few.
May your family grow closer.
May your friendships be true.
May your clouds have silver linings
bringing joys that are new,
and may you never doubt
that God is passionate about
the way He feels for you.
May you plant seeds that grow.
May you prosper and thrive.
May you live each day with meaning --
embrace the reason you're alive.
May each challenge make you stronger,
helping you fight the good fight
with a purpose that's clear.
May you love without fear.
May your future be bright.

(Chorus)He has great plans for you,
to give you a future and hope.
He has great plans for you,
to give you a future and hope.
 May miracles bloom
out of your heartache and loss.
May your comfort come from the One
who really knows the weight of a cross.
May He show you new horizons
as you walk in His light.
And when your pathway seems dim,
may your trust be in Him.
May your future be bright!
May your mind be at peace.
May your laughter increase.
May your future be bright!
May your spirit find rest.
May your children be blessed.
May your future be bright!
May you rejoice in the Lord
at your final reward.
May your future be bright!

Big plans, big dreams, big hopes for your future.
Big plans, big dreams and hope.

Please visit the site for Bower Books and check out their lovely and heartfelt books.
Every parent should get copies of these books and read them to their children.
You can read my review about the book The Person I Marry here.




♥ my diary♥ said...

nice post thanks for sharing...looking for to visit more...blessings

Lis said...

Thanks for sharing that, Heather~ What a sweet song~ and the video reminds me of the virgins walking to the wedding.... (With momma in attendance, of course...) :)

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