Sunday, February 27, 2011

He Paid the MOST

For this Sermon Sunday's post, my husband will be sharing with you his impressions of the extraordinary movie, MOST. I hope you enjoy his review and that it inspires you to obtain a copy of the movie when it is released this Tuesday, March 1st.


Guest poster: Hubby

I watched this movie tonight and it is one of the best I have seen in a long time. In my opinion, it is a must-see for every father. The movie MOST is an allegory of Christ. The beginning of the movie introduces you to a boy, his father, and several train passengers. It is a story about love and sacrifice. It will impact your way of thinking. It is definitely worth watching.

Because this movie makes such a deep impression, I do not recommend viewing by children under age 12 (parents should definitely view the movie first), anyone who has lost a child recently, or someone who would be particularly sensitive to the death of a child. There is nothing graphic shown in the movie, but the sense of impending doom and the father’s anguish would be too much for my wife’s compassionate heart, which is why I watched this movie instead of her. There is also one instance where drugs are shown to demonstrate one passenger’s struggles with sin, though the passenger ultimately chooses not to use them. Much of the movie does not include dialogue, but the images are very vivid and clearly frame the story. The cinematography is excellent. This movie is ideal for viewing WITH older children (teens), small groups, and youth groups. I believe this incredible evangelistic tool is custom-made to jump-start deep and moving discussions following its viewing.

The tender moments throughout the movie vividly illustrate the father’s and son’s love for each other. In one part, the father is tucking his son into bed. Their conversation is playful and loving. The little boy tells a joke to cheer his father up and convinces his dad to take him to work the next evening. The conversation ends, like many do, with the little boy asking his father to sleep next to him. It reminded me of moments spent with my own children. I enjoy those precious little moments with my kids. I inevitably fall asleep on their bedroom floor many evenings after prayers, conversations, and stories. God’s love far surpasses my understanding, yet I know how much I cherish those moments spent on the floor near their beds. We sometimes take these simple moments for granted, and time passes through our hands too quickly. Before you know it, our children start off on their own, and then we have to fight for little moments with them that were available every day while they lived in our home. Realizing this really makes you think and appreciate the time you have with them so much more.

The first two lessons I gleaned from this movie were: 
  1.  God’s love is real. He gave His most precious treasure, His Son, for our salvation.
  2.  Our relationships with our children are another gift from God, an extraordinary opportunity to understand His love for us. Don't let the time you are given with them slip away.
Next, is the lesson that salvation comes at a price I could not pay. Many of the passengers on board the train have no idea what is transpiring during the movie or how near death they come. The father screams in anguish, his heart torn from the horrible loss his decision brings. Only one passenger sees his pain, and her realization of the father’s anguish changes the path she is on. Later, the father sees the same passenger and instantly finds joy in the life that was saved that fateful day. Incredible. I think most of us would struggle to find that joy in our loss.

God is all-knowing and all-loving. He knew many would deny Christ, yet Christ died that all may live. He knew all have sinned against Him, but still He rose so that we would have eternal life. The final lesson I would like to share is that we should daily live a life honoring the sacrifice He made so that on our last day at judgment we bring Him joy.

You can find more information about purchasing this movie HERE.

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HERE is an evangelism tract to use with the movie from Mission to America.
HERE is a Leader's Guide to use when showing the movie to a small group of friends in your home or with your family.
HERE is a guide to help you know how to invite people to view MOST with you.
HERE are some of the Writer's Notes to help you understand the symbolism in the movie.

Blessings to you and yours.


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