Thursday, December 9, 2010

Postcrossing---Pai, Thailand


We signed up with Postcrossing about two months ago, and wrote our first postcard to a lady in Russia right away. The kids helped me decide what to write, and Tex stepped into the post office one morning when we were out running errands to mail it (it cost about a dollar). Last week, we received our first postcard from Thailand. The kids were so excited, they could hardly wait for me to read it out loud, and then look up the location on the computer. Here is a picture of the postcard we received from Weena, who says she sent this particular card because she loves Pai as it is so lovely:

i love pai

We Googled Pai, and came up with these pictures, which are, by my definition, proof that Pai is indeed a lovely place. All of God’s creation if beautiful in one way or another (or at least, interesting and intriguing), but this place is particularly ethereal.

pai4  pai3
pai pai8
pai13 pai14
pai10 pai12
pai9 pai16

It’s enough to make me wish I could travel there…maybe someday.

Until then, I will enjoy our virtual travels with Postcrossing and the internet with my wonderful, sweet children by my side.



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Anonymous said...

Glad you're enjoying Postcrossing! The photos you found online are beautiful too!

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