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EGG-cited About Reading Eggs!

Every once in a while, you come across a learning tool that really gets your kids excited. Reading Eggs is one of those things for our Three Amigos. Ladybug (age 8), Cowboy (age 6), and Firefly (age 4) all think that Reading Eggs is eggs-traordinary!!

This is the Reading Eggs Map. It shows your child's progress.
There are 120 lessons on this map, plus 96 more spelling lessons.
You can get to all the fun activities from here, too, once they are all unlocked.

Reading Eggs in an online program that teaches and reinforces reading skills for ages 3-7. From letter recognition to phonics skills, from sight words ro early reader stories, Reading Eggs will progressively take your child from knowing zero about reading to being a reading hero!

This is a sample of the placement test. 
Each child is placed along the path at an appropriate level 
so they are never bored or excessively challenged.

If your child already has some reading skills, don't worry that he will be bored, because Reading Eggs will give your child a placement test to make sure that he is placed in the right location on the Reading Eggs board. The program works towards mastery, so at certain points there are tests which you must pass in order to move on to the next section of the program.

This shows the Floating Island of Reading Eggspress.
You can access the library from this screen, as well
as other fun activities you child will enjoy exploring.

Reading Eggs has 120 learning to read lessons, then your Reading Eggsplorer will progress to 96 spelling lessons. After that (or in conjunction with it), there is a new section of the site called Reading Eggspress, which houses a collection of leveled readers to entertain your child and challenge her new reading skills.

This is a sample of a comprehension test from Reading Eggspress.
At first, Ladybug found these a bit hard and I needed to help her
once she'd read the book, but now she is doing them all by herself.

Books in the library are sorted by genre (type of story) and difficulty, so your child can read books that interest her. Fairy tales, funny stories, non-fiction books about animals, health, and the universe, science fiction, and even math readers are just some of the types of books available in the library. Each one has a comprehension test at the end of it to test whether your reader is truly understanding what he reads. 

This screen allows you access to the many fun and challenging
areas of Reading Eggs. More fun educational activities are
being added each month...more exciting stories are planned
for Pirate Cove in the Storylands soon!

Both areas of the program, Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress, offer areas in which your child can play as they learn. Reading Eggs allows your student to customize an avatar, and decorate a house for that avatar. Reading Eggsplorers earn golden eggs as they complete activities (not all activities are unlocked immediately...some have to be earned), and these are redeemable for items they can add to their homes. They also earn "pets" for every lesson they complete when one of the golden eggs hatches. In Reading Eggspress students also earn special cards for their card packs, which is motivating as well.

This is a sample activity of an early lesson.
The student must reorder the words to make a sentence.

The lessons are full of learning and very targeted towards developing specific reading skills, but they are also fun. Puzzles, learning games, silly songs, and colorful characters capture your student's attention, and make the lessons multi-sensory. With Reading Eggs, you will never have to hear, "Awww, do I have to?" when it is time for a lesson.

The program is available on a monthly basis for $9.95 per month, but you can save money by purchasing a six-month ($49.95) or twelve-month ($75.00) subscription. If you have a second child who would benefit from the program (and enroll them at the SAME time), you can purchase their subscription for half off the usual rate. You can also purchase printed packs of the readers used with the lessons, so if your Reading Eggsplorer really loves their Reading Eggs lessons, the learning doesn't have to stop after the computer gets turned off!

Here is what Ladybug, Cowboy, and Firefly have to say about Reading Eggs:

Ladybug (age 8)

  • I think Reading Eggs was very good for me to help me learn how to read better.
  • I was excited when I finished lesson 120 and got to start my spelling lessons.
  • The spelling lessons help me learn how to spell lots of big words and I like when I get presents at the end to add to my house.
  • My favorite part was earning all of my pets, because they were funny. My best pet is "Fox in Socks."
  • I really like the fairy tale books in Reading Eggspress. I get to read a book when I am done with my daily lesson.
  • I write stories sometimes in Reading Eggs at the Story Factory and I keep them on my bookshelf. I can read them whenever I want to.
Cowboy (age 6)
  • I like it! The part I like best about it is the Playroom. I think the Play Mat (a memory game like "Simon") is the best.
  • My favorite part of the lessons is when I do something right. The computer goes "Yahoo!" and I get golden eggs.
  • I like the new (or new to us) Storylands section. I get to learn new words and do fun activities, then read a good story at Clinker Castle.
  • Sometimes I do Driving Tests (of sight words, letters and sounds, or content words) to earn more eggs so I can play games in the Arcade (those games cost "money").
Firefly (age 4)
  • Reading Eggs is great! I like to get all the pretty eggs when I do my lessons.
  • My favorite part is all the funny songs. I play them a lot.
  • I like my person (avatar). She is a panda!
  • I like to do the matching activities the best. The dot-to-dots are fun.

--You can read what others on the TOS Crew had to say about Reading Eggs at the Homeschool Crew Blog.

--Sign up for a FREE! 14 Day trial of Reading Eggs and see what your little Eggsplorer thinks about the program.


Disclaimer: We received one 3-month subscription (for Firefly) to help us evaluate this program for the purposes of offering our honest opinion here on our blog. Our other subscriptions were purchased by us (we have been using this program for almost a year for two of our children). Our positive opinions of this program are honest reflections of the experiences our children have had with Reading Eggs. If you have questions about our experiences, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

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