Monday, May 23, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

It's a busy week for Mom, as she races to the finish line, trying to complete the Herculean task of doing two graduate (online) courses in just six weeks. A total of twenty-eight lessons finished (with five to seven tasks to do for each) and six quizzes taken. Now just two final papers, three to five pages long each (and about ten questions to answer in each one). Aaaah. Can she do it? Tune in next week and see.
Hopefully, by next Monday (Boo's second birthday), it will all be done and the taste of victory will be so sweet...until then, the taste of our menu may be fairly boring, or at least, take out.

Monday: We will be having pizza today. It's not delivery, it's DiGiornno's.

Tuesday: Next to last physical therapy appointment (I will miss crossing verbal swords with Bob, the therapist). Nanny and Poppy babysit and treat the kiddos to dinner at Hardees. I supply the coupons and buy the cookies.

Wednesday: Bookmobile day. Yay! I will spend the day at the library, trying to finish my papers. Hubby picked up a lemon-pepper chicken from WalMart. Tex will make three-cheese mashed potatoes and green beans to go with it.

Thursday: Last PT appointment. Reminder to self--take Bob a gift. Hmmm. What would he want? He's a foodie, so maybe some some gourmet chili chocolate. We will be eating un-sophisticated turkey and gravy on bread with (leftover) mashed potatoes on top. This was one of my grandfather's favorites, and mine, too, as a child. He'd take us to a cafeteria and this is what we'd order. Yum. Comfort food. Corn on the side.

Friday: Usually pizza and a movie night, but we will have to see if I am done. If I am we can PARTY! If not, it may be egg sandwiches for the family and the library all day for Mom.

Saturday: Tuna casserole. Tex has been wanting this for a while, so here you go, buddy! Applesauce on the side. Brownies for dessert with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge to celebrate. I HAVE to be done by today. No excuses.

Sunday: Can I let someone else decide and make dinner? It's been a long six weeks. I am exhausted. Even if all I get is cereal and toast, that will be fine, because I've always told Tex, my favorite meal is the one I do not have to make or clean up after.

I hope you have a blessed and fruitful week. Say a prayer for me that I get everything done! Thanks. 



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