Saturday, May 21, 2011

Daddy's Home! Mommy's Working...Part Two

As promised, here is the story of Saturday during "Daddy's Week Off" while Mommy frantically tries to finish her grad classes for recertification.

Good Idea Number One: Do Something Educational

Daddy heard that it was going to be Marine Science Day at the local marine science center and packed up the kids bright and early to see the parade of marine life, then off to do fun and somewhat icky activities (from my perspective). Don't ask me what is in the jars, or what that dead thing is on the table. I am just glad it was Daddy who got the pleasure of taking them on this field trip!! 

 Lots of interesting things to see...somehow I am not sure Ladybug is as thrilled about it as Cowboy is.


 Lots of dead things. 'Nuff said.

 Arts and crafts and time with Daddy. What could be more fun?

 They are obviously really paying attention and trying their best. Good job, kids! Nice pictures, Tex.

Good Idea Number Two: Do Something Fun!

Well, the next idea would not have even been on my radar, so it is a good thing that the kids have Daddy around to indulge them. One of those bouncy places opened up at the end of our country road and offered a coupon that was too good for Hubby to pass up. I think they got three admissions plus snacks for a mere fifteen dollars, or something like that.

 Apparently, the Amigos had so much fun that Hubby forgot to take pictures (sorry grandmas...I was disappointed, too). Boo got to stay home with Tex and take a nap. I think Tex was relieved. I know I would have been. The Three Amigos and their fearless Daddy obviously had a great time, though, as they went on and on and on and on about it for days. 

I don't think they will ever forget their fun week with Daddy. It kind of made up for the fact that Mommy had to focus on working so much for the rest of the month. Thanks, honey. You did good!!



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