Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday...Updated Photos of the Blessing Farm Family

Mr. and Mrs. Bubba are doing well after two years of marriage.
They sold their first townhouse and bought an older home on 36 acres
in a nearby town. He built this awesome 18 stall boarding and training barn
for her to run their own equestrian business out of. It has been her dream for many years.
He's still a farrier and a he's a great husband. He amazes me with his resourcefulness.
Awesome barn, eh? He got the uber cool window at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
I love it that we have so many alternate sources for good quality products
than just the mainstream vendors now. It makes so much more to recycle, barter,
and repurpose. I am especially pleased that Bubba has perfected the art of getting
the help he needs and always making sure he returns the favor.
Tex is now 16 and looking towards college.
Wow. Time flies. I am so proud of the man he is becoming.
He loves computers, animation, programming, photography, writing, cooking, and reading.
He is still my right hand man and is becoming my good friend.
He will help with anything from fixing computers to putting up fences and doing dishes.
I couldn't do all of what we do without him. Thank you, son.
Ladybug is 10 and developing a style all her own.
She loves reading, drawing, sewing, cooking, writing, and her ponies.
She's a sweet helper and loves to organize creative projects.
She's interested in sign language and music.
She's the one who helps keep everyone in line, yet is always sympathetic to their needs.
What a blessing.
Cowboy is 8 and has plans to become a Park Ranger.
He says he can do all of his favorite things as a ranger:
explore, hike, help animals, teach people about plants and animals,
ride four-wheelers, have a petting zoo, have a Lego building area,
fight forest fires, and be outside all the time. I think it is a great plan.
He's still our encourager and loves to teach the little kiddos.
His smile lights up our days and his eagerness to learn is a challenge.

Firefly is now 6. What a cutie!
She taught herself to read and reads voraciously.
She has a sweet heart and loves reading, helping, the new foster kids,
giving hugs, crafts and coloring, playing the piano, and her karate classes.
She's our "happy place..." You simply can't be sad with Firefly around.
Her enthusiasm is contagious. She is a fierce warrior in her karate classes!
She likes to teach the little kids and read to them. What a treasure.
Boo is 4 now. He's as adorable as ever.
He's a bit of a handful at times, but he's the best hugger ever.
He says he will stay with me forever. Awwwww...
I don't think that's precisely true, but I'd be happy living in a cottage near his home.
He likes to help, play with Legos, learn to read, play outside,
and he still loves his blankie and his Beary dearly. He's my baby.
These two cuties are Princess P and Jack Jack (JJ),
so named because she loves anything Princessy AND she is learning to read
already at age 3 (reference the show Super Why).

His name is derived from the fact he is a mighty
tornado of destruction at 18 months (think The Incredibles), but most of that is curiosity.

I can't wait to see what they become. They already smile a lot more than when they first arrived here.
They are our newest foster children, since Jellybean moved on to her forever family.
Our little kids absolutely dote on them, and JJ dotes on Tex.

I am so grateful that my kiddos love being with each other and are best friends. 
One of the biggest blessings of homeschooling
is that they are each other's playmates and have the best times doing things together. 
They are never bored and rarely perturbed with each other. 

When there are problems, redirecting activities towards reading 
or school work or playtime outside usually mends the fences. 
Time out from everyone ALWAYS works its magic.
Funny how you can be annoyed at someone one minute, but when separated
from them, suddenly you can't wait to make up and get on with the fun.

Thank you for checking out our updated photos.
It is always a pleasure checking in on blogging friends and seeing how their
children and families have grown.
I hope you enjoyed your brief visit with us today.

Many blessings to you.
Feel free to comment with links to updates on your families.
I would love to see them!




Vickie said...

I love seeing this update. Love the photos too.

Kristy Jensen said...

All of the kids look so cute! They are growing up so fast. Thanks for sharing some updated pics of them. Keep them coming!!

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