Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wordless Wednesday---Happy Memorial Day!

What do you do for Memorial Day? 

Our day was a day of family, friends, fun, food, and relaxation...
along with remembrances of those died while serving
in the US Armed Forces protecting our country and our freedoms.

A perfect day to fly the flag proudly.

Poppy and Nanny's place...goodies and fun.
I love it.

Now that's relaxing...

Everyone heads off to do their own thing...together.

My favorite Abraham Darby.

Poppy's yard is the best!!

Who is chasing whom??

Football plus King of the Mountain equals...??

The day would not be complete without babies to cuddle.

What used to be a clean play least they had fun!

Visiting with friends, having time to stretch out and share a good laugh...priceless.

Learning to play the National Anthem
and hearing old war stories about the grandpas, grandmas, and uncles.

The potluck meal was delicious, but the best part has
got to be the leftovers...especially the pie. 
Now that's American!

I pray you had a blessed day as you appreciated the many blessings we enjoy in our great country.

God bless the USA.



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