Friday, November 9, 2012

Is Our House Tacky and Crowded, or Much-Loved? Votes Are In.

Someone (who shall not be named) told me that my house was tacky and overly crowded. Hmph.

Pardon me if I take slight umbrage at that claim. I find our house to be warm, homey, and comfortable...always interesting, it has plenty of cozy seating, and is filled with love and good things. But someone felt it was their duty to tell me that they think my space has too much "junk" in it (mostly meaning books). Pardon me for NOT being appreciative.

Well, I went directly to the decorating experts who count (the kids) and asked them their opinions. 

Here goes:

Mom asks Ladybug: Do you think our house is tacky and crowded?

Ladybug: What does tacky mean?

Mom: Ugly and cluttered. Too much stuff.

Ladybug: No. I like our house a lot. It is comfortable.

Mom: Do you think our library is too crowded? Are there too many books?

Ladybug: No. I like our library.

Mom: Should we have put a couch and another TV in here instead?

Ladybug: No. We've got one TV and that's enough. If we had another TV, everybody would be stuck to the TVs.

Ladybug: Anyway, books are like movies, but in your head. You can visit different places in your imagination. They can even be 3-D in your head. More books means more friends. Your books can be your friends. If you don't have sisters or brothers, you can look in books and find some. If you don't have a good friend, someone in a book can be like a friend. You can share books with your real friends!

Ladybug: Everyone in our family loves books. There are books all over the house. I like that. My favorite books are the horse books and the books about families.

Firefly walks in: Can I look at books? I love books. This is a good book (points to a book). I like cookbooks and princess books and ALL of the books in this whole library. Here's a princess book. Can I borrow it from our library?

Cowboy walks in: I like books! I especially like I Spy books best. Bug books, reptile books, dinosaur books, fish books, and animal books are good, too.

Mom: Do you think our house is over-crowded and ugly?

Cowboy: No! It's just right. We have birds' nests and shells and bugs and leaves and lots of interesting stuff in here. It is just right for me. This book looks really interesting. Hey, can I read this book? (runs off with a book)

Mom: What about you, Boo?? Do you like books?

Boo:  I wike pop-up books and dinosaur books!

Well, there you have it. Our house is not tacky or overly crowded. Very LOVED maybe, but you can never have too much love, so that's all right.

As for tacky and over-crowded, well, I guess it's all in how you look at things and I think things look pretty good from here...and so, apparently, do the other folks who live here. If it is a bit stuffed full of things, I guess it's all good things that must be important to somebody, so they can stay.

As for (you know who you are) glad you don't have to live here and feel free to have an HGTV inspired home. I'd rather have an LOVE inspired home.

By the way, I love you and your not-tacky house anyway. 


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Jennifer said...

A library in our home has been a dream, but is turning into a plan. I'm planning to clean out my tiny front room that has turned into a shove everything in it clutter closet and make it a cozy library. My mom suggested I make that my son's room and make his room a big library, but he didn't like that idea. Your pictures look cozy, not cluttered. The museum type houses inspire me, but we prefer cozy and comfortable.

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