Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snuggle Puppy and Other Favorites

This is one of the kids' favorite bedtime books. They think all of the books by Sandra Boynton are hilarious. I noticed that it is the Storytime book of the month at Barnes and Noble (click on the link to hear the author read the story to you). I have to admit, I like the song better than just reading the book. We wind up singing along whenever we read it since we found one of the Sandra Boynton sing-along books with a cd at the thrift store one day. It's a fun one. Have you heard the 15 Animals song? It is hysterical. I couldn't find it on you tube. Another favorite is Barnyard Dance.

Here is Pajama Time. We like to rock to this one before bedtime.

And last, but not least, here is Moo, Baa, La La La!, a perennial favorite of all the kids (especially the youngest ones). My Aunt Grace gave us our first Sandra Boynton board book years ago. It is thanks to her that we've had years of fun reading them as a family at bedtime. The first time we read this book with Ladybug we all cracked up over it because when we got to the last page which says, "What do you say?" Ladybug tooted (she was a baby)...hahahahaha! Everyone was rolling on the floor laughing like crazy, even Aunt Grace, who was sick with cancer (she's with Jesus now). It remains a special memory of a special person...especially since she was just a little bit like that: cute and sweet with a tiny bit of very silly! >smile<

If you've never thought about YouTube as being a place to find quality children's videos, think again! With a little bit of hunting you can find lots of favorite children's books either read aloud by loving parents (we love these versions of Going on a Bear Hunt and The Very Hungry Caterpillar) or even the classic professional recordings of the books (like Dr. Seuss). You can set up a free account, make playlists (such as children's books and sewing videos) and VOILA!, you have an excellent FREE teaching resource that is quite a lot of fun.

What are your family's favorite children's books? How do you use YouTube to supplement your learning? Please leave a comment and share your ideas. 




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